No More Coffee Oblivion

In my last bout with weight loss, I lost 90lbs on WeightWatchers. And I drank coffee, probably a lot. More than the normal human should consume. But one thing I never did was counted it into my points, even though I used cream.

But it worked, the coffee oblivion method.

Atleast at that point it worked.

I’ve been doing some thinking, and while my diet overall is good, I’ve maintained the past 12 weeks. Which sucks. But it also coincided with an increase in my coffee intake.

So I counted the TBSP it takes to get one coffee the way I’ve been drinking it for the past 3 months.




That’s 3 points. PER CUP.

and at 3-4 cups a day, thats 9-12 POINTS I’m not counting.

So no more coffee oblivion. From now on, I’ll be measuring out 2 TBSP for each cup and COUNTING it….

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Pardon My Boobs, I Don’t Understand ‘Football’

The Rangers organization managed to piss off a majority of its female fanbase this afternoon with one horribly written and poorly proofed ‘article’ (and I use that term very loosely) that appeared for about a half hour on Blueshirts United. It was the first ‘article’, according to their little disclaimer at the top of the page, of their ‘Contributor Network’. Obviously, this was not the start that their social media team had imagined.

I’m sure the Rangers organization was probably looking to draw in more female fans? Perhaps they thought that the ‘article’ was going to be read as funny or sarcastic? But what they failed to realize is that 90% of the females who read Blueshirts United are fans already. Knowledgeable fans. Fans who don’t need to be told to hold our questions until there is a stoppage in play. Fans who do more than just swoon over Lundqvist’s dashingly good looks. Fans who can rattle off the entire roster faster than any one. Fans who know who the Rangers’ biggest rivals are and relish those games.

Rest assured, if my boyfriend or husband showed me this in an attempt to help me “at least understand their obsession, enthusiasm and passion, and help you hold your own during game nights.”, he would’ve gotten a swift kick to the babymaker.

The fact that she kept referring to the game they were watching as ‘football’, was particularly annoying. If it was an attempt to be funny, it wasn’t. I seriously hope her day job is not a comedienne. Or a writer.

The fact that every single one of the guys watching this football game was

wearing a Rangers jersey is a true testament to the loyalty of a Rangers fan. It’s not just a

phase. It’s not just an obsession. It’s a Rangers lifestyle.

If the goal of this ‘article’ was to encourage women to get to learn the sport that their men like, or if they just want to learn the game in general, it may have been better received had it been written from the point of view of someone who knows the game. Take any of the numerous female bloggers and ask them to write a “How to Guide…”. I’m sure you’d get some witty and sarcastic, yet educational posts. Instead, we got this. The ‘article’ made it seem like if you memorize names, don’t speak until spoken to, and ooogle at Lundqvist while browsing the internet for sales and eating fried turkey, then you’ll be a pro at knowing the game of ‘football’.  Add in some gum snapping and hair twirling and you’re all set.

Maybe next time, your guide should include what the power play is (which may be useful for the players too), the rules of icing, how to play a 5-on-3, or any other useful information that you would need for watching ‘football’.

I’m utterly embarrassed and appalled that an ‘article’ like that came across without someone, anyone, seeing that this may not have been the best submission. Even more embarrassed that a female would write something like that.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to put my apron back on and get off the internet and back into the kitchen. The man of the house will return soon, so no more browsing the internet for 70% off shoe sales.

Big props to @fuddlecuddle for emailing me the ‘article’ after it was taken down.

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For those that don’t know…

I have officially left Ranger Nation as a blogger/writer. And I wish RN nothing but the best with this season and the coming seasons.

Motherhood is a big adjustment for me, and I could not envision putting the time and effort into hockey games as I once had. So I’ve decided to re-open TMITPB, so I can write when it’s convenient for me, which may not be frequently. But don’t expect posts after every game. Just the ones where I have lots to say and a baby that is sleeping so I can type with both hands on the laptop.

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Post Lockout Blues

In case you’ve not heard, the Rangers lost their season opener against the Bruins tonight, 3-1.

Shocked? I’m not really. I’d be rusty too if I was out of work for 8 months.

So, yes, the Rangers PP was sloppy. Very sloppy. And someone may have very well stole Lundqvist’s sparkles. And Rick Nash may not have gelled right away with his new linemates. And, there were no preseason games to allow players to find their place. Maybe it was the fact that the MSG Graphics team thought there was still a lockout, leaving all viewers scoreboardless for most of the first period?

Granted, I only watched the first two periods (baby bedtime routine falls right in the middle of a game), and sure enough the Rangers PP haters were out in full force.

Don’t expect perfection, you’ll never find it. And thinking that the Rangers, much less their struggling PP, would be perfect the first ‘real’ game back is outlandish.

Honestly, the best part of tonight was Ron Dugay. Not many men can match their sportcoats to their tan exactly.

And with that, I give you some parting words that I saw on my twitter timeline summed up in one large hashtag…


Let’s go Rangers

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Great Nash-pectations

Check out my latest on RangerNation

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Brad Richards:The Body Issue

Everyone knows how I swoon over Brad Richards.

Until now.

Don’t get me wrong.  I still think Richards is a wonderfully handsome guy, and a great skilled player.  But seeing him naked?

Image courtesy of ESPN

My retinas will never be the same.

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Oh Offseason, Thou Art Bittersweet

The offseason is a bittersweet time for hockey fans.  Some fans were happy with the ending of their teams, some saw their team make an early exit, and some painfully watched as their team tried to make a valiant run for the cup.  But it’s also the end to a long season, and this year the season seemed particularly long.

The offseason brings us unconfirmed trade rumours, lots of mock drafts, free agents galore, and a lull and an eeery quiet on social media.  For some, the offseason is torture, for some, it’s a welcome relief after a long season.

Hockey is one of the longest running seasons, especially for fans and writers (and bloggers).  Hockey usually begins to winds up around mid-August with training camp rumours running in full force and usually winds down mid-June after all the Stanley Cup hoopla dies down.  It’s a long season, to say the least.  I welcome the ‘break’ in the summer, but I do, sometimes, miss watching a game at night.

Without the offseason, I don’t think I’d be as excited for the season to start.  At times, I wish the offseason was comparable to that of the NFL.  But at other times, I’m happy with the 2-3 months of no hockey.


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